Waking Up to “Purpose”

David Langston Transformation

Like many of us – I’ve worried to death the best content for this blog and how best to approach it. I now realize a lot of my professional life, learnings and approach to work and people are intertwined in what I want to deliver here.

So I held off on launching until I was more certain. Several things happened. Primarily other people helped me think. Following a meeting this past autumn, Stewart Shanley at iris Worldwide, wrote to me about our mutual belief “…that brands / companies are at their best when they have a clear and authentic passionate purpose…” I have to say that though this was just an email, I really admired Stewart’s turn of the phrase.

I read a book no longer brand new that had real meaning for me. In his book Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi talks about the importance of identifying what you are passionate about. That made me stop and think, but it came to me. And, Kay Krill, CEO at ANN INC., showed me the wonderful work they had done to establish their “Purpose”. Kay spoke with real insight about the importance of a company clearly identifying their purpose to employees and prospective employees – who want to know today more than ever what they are being asked to join.

Together, these experiences brought me some clarity. I know now that I have a career long passion for identifying an organization’s purpose and mission, and bringing it to life, so that everyone engaged gets it and can join and bring their own unique value. Getting that clarity accomplished is often all consuming. But doing it diligently is truly personally rewarding. For the organizations that commit – the results will speak for themselves. I hope you find value here.



David LangstonWaking Up to “Purpose”