Membership Page – 3 Different Program Options

1. The Journal

Essence of the Brand Basic Membership

Includes Level One Access to:

• All posts & articles in the Journal.
• Minimum New Post – Every month.
• New posts will continue to illustrate the philosophy, insights, approach and value of Evoke’s proven method for Creating Go-To-Market Brand Positioning Strategy.
• Also, posts will include snapshots of content from the Brand Identity Turbine™ Training Program.

2. The Program

Brand Identity Turbine™ Training Course Curriculum

Includes Level II Access to:

• 12 Training Chapters on the Creation of Go-to-Market Brand Positioning and Creative Strategy.
– All following the proven Brand Identity Turbine™ Model.
• Chapters will be available as pod casts.
• To Come: Discussions; Interviews; Panels; Guest Speakers.
———– & ————
Level 1 Access to all Journal posts
& articles.

3. Your Brand

Go-To-Market One-On-One Consultation

Meet One-On-One with David:

Share your Vision for your brand. Gain some immediate insights – and explore opportunities to develop Go-To-Market Strategies together.
• One Comprehensive Rate – $165/ Hour – for all efforts from Interview to Research; Reports & Account Mgmt to Planning/Plans and Strategies.
Examples of Complete Plans Available One-On-One.
• Pay for your 1st two hours – 1st interview & recommendations – and we will credit those 2 hours to you if we proceed together.
———– & ————
Level 1 Access to all Journal posts &
• New posts / articles – Every month.
• Level 2 Access to Brand Identity
Turbine™ Program.
• 12 Training Chapters on Creation of
Go-To-Market Brand Positioning & Creative Strategy.

Who Will be
Your Guide?

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