Waking Up to “Purpose”

David Langston Transformation

Like many of us – I’ve worried to death the best content for this blog and how best to approach it. I now realize a lot of my professional life, learnings and approach to work and people are intertwined in what I want to deliver here. So I held off on launching until I was more certain. Several things happened. …

David LangstonWaking Up to “Purpose”

Mission Alignment?

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“Internal Branding,” “Employee Engagement,” “Change Communications,” “Internal Marketing,” “Employee Marketing.” Over the last 10 or 15 years, the pace of business has increased and executives have had to navigate the marketplace ever more rapidly. Accordingly, those of us who create internal communications have tried to express what it is we do. Fortunately, when you’ve done something long enough and learned …

David LangstonMission Alignment?