Our Mission – A Quest and a Promise

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Greetings! We are launching www.missionpassionblog.com (MP) this month with a new series on executive branding. Beginning with ”A Woman Runs for Mayor,” we will take a careful look at the value of executive branding in the marketplace and on the campaign trail.

The Mission of our MP site is to examine and teach the ways and means of writing well-informed, impactful Go-to-Market (GTM) Brand Strategy. If our Mission aligns with your goals—please come to visit. My passion for taking brands to market with crisp, vibrant content has fueled my commitment to deploying succinct Brand Strategy for more than 25 years.

I am a Creative Strategist who has developed distinct skills in Positioning and Integrated MarCom (IMC), and in Internal and Executive Brand Marketing. I have considerable background in: Pharma, Technology, Healthcare, Heavy Industry, Financial Services, Government, Automotive—and more.

We hope this will be a great mix for you.

This site offers skills-development to those who want to learn a concise approach to developing Brand Strategy. And, to those who want to build keen-edged Positioning Strategy, and altogether-engaging IMC programming.

MP is a Journal AND Online Course—together in one place—along with options for one-on-one training and consultation. Lighter “Culture” articles like “All the Brands Along the Way,” will examine how we engage brands out there in the physical world.

If you come here to learn a proven brand-building process, to support your hiring of the right team—or just to hold your own in meetings—you are in the right place. Here are insights, clarity, and training in affordable, bite-sized bits.

A Quest

Those who have collaborated with me know the depth of my quest to recognize the inner workings of brand strategy. In the late nineties, I was a successful producer of global branding events. I wanted to lead the development of strategy and did not want to settle for learning the buzzwords.

I trained with experts from across the country and beyond: “Positioning” experts from Public Relations;  “Identity” and “Voice” professionals from Brand shops;  “Creative Strategists” from Advertising Agencies. I hired, partnered with, and learned from these professionals, carefully analyzing their terminology and reasoning. Building models like the Brand Identity TurbineTM as I went.

The concept of “Internal Branding” appeared in an HR publication in the late nineties—but no one knew what that process might look like. While at Hill & Knowlton I established clear methods for developing “Internal Brand Marketing.” Later I focused on developing Brand Strategies for executive women and men. Altogether these quests led me to the abilities I have today—from the “Category Play” to End-to-End Program Integration.

Strategic Analysis and Breakthroughs

My clients have called me a “Code-Cracker.” I can synthesize market insights and complex value propositions and translate them into one vibrant strand of Brand DNA—a clear, singular Story designed to resonate across audiences.

This skill did not leap into my mind like Dionysus from the thigh of Zeus.
I developed it working for years to a succinct process.

A concise approach allows you to prioritize findings accurately, achieve new insights, and make critical breakthroughs. The result: You can articulate a brand’s core value clearly, and then make it vibrant, “sticky” and motivational for others.

The methods you will read about here have been practiced, professionally evaluated, and refined numerous times. They are now articulated here for clarity, efficiency, and success. We hope you will join and share your own enthusiasm.

Writing and Teaching

Business writers should consistently bring forward tangible, operational concepts for consideration.
Each article should deliver aspects of the promised Mission. All writing can and should be inspiring.
These will be our objectives.

Paint a road to Learning. Name it and drive down it with skill.
Students do not have time to waste.

Footnote: Two independent professionals who mentored and partnered with me over many years were Bernie Mogelever/Positioning Strategy and Jeff Ewen/Brand Identity. My long-felt gratitude to these professionals and friends.

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