Your Essence – Branding for Women Executives

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The world needs women leaders—plain and simple. And not just because it’s the right thing to do. Companies that rank high for gender diversity on their executive teams are 21 percent more likely to report above-average profitability than those that rank low.[1] The business world benefits greatly from talented, insightful and committed women ready to solve problems and create more value …

David LangstonYour Essence – Branding for Women Executives

Employees Are Consumers

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Employees are people. People are consumers. And consumers are used to having complex communications neatly packaged for them. Over the last 80+ years, hundreds of companies have deployed an ever-evolving array of marketing communications weaponry to connect with us and inspire us to join them. We’re not different people when we’re at work. Just as in our outside lives, we’re …

David LangstonEmployees Are Consumers