Managers Are the Most Important Medium

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I mentioned Captain Miller from Saving Private Ryan, and his successful leadership, in my introductory blog post. This example is especially pertinent in the United States where employees are often leery of top management’s plans and want to hear and discuss business plans and change firsthand. Employees on the front lines tend to prefer face-to-face interaction with those who impact …

David LangstonManagers Are the Most Important Medium

Employees Are Consumers

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Employees are people. People are consumers. And consumers are used to having complex communications neatly packaged for them. Over the last 80+ years, hundreds of companies have deployed an ever-evolving array of marketing communications weaponry to connect with us and inspire us to join them. We’re not different people when we’re at work. Just as in our outside lives, we’re …

David LangstonEmployees Are Consumers

Mission Alignment?

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“Internal Branding,” “Employee Engagement,” “Change Communications,” “Internal Marketing,” “Employee Marketing.” Over the last 10 or 15 years, the pace of business has increased and executives have had to navigate the marketplace ever more rapidly. Accordingly, those of us who create internal communications have tried to express what it is we do. Fortunately, when you’ve done something long enough and learned …

David LangstonMission Alignment?